Introducing the HandyMiner-Goldshell-GUI

A 10x Improvement in Handshake Mining UX

Project Description:A simple GUI interface for HSD Mining to enable the Goldshell HS1 to communicate with Handshake HSD via Stratum Mining.We’re proud to announce the open beta of the HandyMiner-Goldshell-GUI. Whether you’ve recently purchased a Goldshell HS1 and you’re looking for the simplest way possible to mine for yourself, or you’re gifting a HNS ASIC miner to a friend/family member and don’t want to intimidate them with a complex setup, this is the right application for you.

The mining GUI is dead simple to use. All you have to do is download the software from releases, un-zip, and plug your miner into power and into your device. Once the app is open, go to settings and select a mining pool, then paste in your HNS payout address and worker name. Once you save, just press play in the upper-hand corner to immediately begin mining. 

Preview Video -

After you’ve accrued enough earnings at a pool, your payouts will deposit to your account. The setup should take no less than 10 seconds if you already have an HNS address made and ready (we recommend Bob Wallet or Namebase). 

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