HandyMiner-GoldShell-CLI Open Beta

ASIC Mining Made Easy

ASIC Mining Made Easy

HandyMiner-CLI Dashboard Running w/ the Goldshell HS1 (50GH, 57 watts)

Project Description: A simple CLI interface (+optional Dashboard) for HSD Mining to enable the Goldshell HS1 to communicate with Handshake HSD via Stratum Mining.

We’re proud to announce the open beta of the HandyMiner-Goldshell-CLI. If you’ve recently purchased a Goldshell HS1 and you’re looking for a CLI/Reporting Dashboard that’s easy to use, that would be us.

Goldshell is a dedicated partner to the Handshake community, and they’ve released this device to help make mining more portable again, like when we all could mine with our GPUs. By introducing low-cost, “headerless” miners, anyone can quick start mining HNS with their personal at-home ASIC. One that is cost efficient, and can still pack a punch.

They reached out to us for assistance in making Handshake mining easier with their new device, and we obliged. The HandyMiner-CLI is compatible for MacOS/Windows/Linux, and the simple bundled configuration tool will get you up and going with your HS1 in just a few minutes mining to the Handshake pool of your choice.

Install Guide: https://handyminer.github.io/HandyMiner-Goldshell-CLI/
Goldshell Twitter: https://twitter.com/goldshellminer


Goldshell HS1 Official Site: https://www.goldshell.com/hs1-handshake-miner-intro/

System Requirements:

> All platforms: Download and have Node.js v10.4 or above installed.

> Windows Users: Download Git Bash, a handy bash terminal, install in into the Program Files/Git directory.

> Also Windows Users: Download STM32 Virtual COM PORT driver from Goldshell OR Download STM32 Virtual COM PORT driver from STMicroelectronics.

> Linux Users: Dependencies install can be found in ./linux_installation.md.

Initial Installation:

> Clone this repo or Download & Install as ZIP :
Download Latest from Releases

Note: Un-zipping the full contents may take a bit.

> Install Dependencies (MacOS/Linux/Windows) :

npm install in this directory or…

> Windows Double-click install dependencies :

Double-click install.windows.bat.

Windows folks: If you didn’t double click install.windows.bat you’ll need to run the following command in the repo’s root:

npm install

Running HandyMiner with your HS1

First, make sure to plug the AC power into the Goldshell HS1 and connect the USB from the HS1 to your computer.

Non-terminal users: simply double click (windows) dashboard.windows.bat or (mac) dashboard.mac.command or (linux) dashboard.sh files.

Note: The first time you launch will run you thru the miner configurator.

Launch the miner in terminal in a Bash terminal (Windows: git-bash):

cd (into the repo base)npm start (runs the CLI miner)
Most terminals:npm run dashboard //runs the CLI dashboard+minerOR./dashboard.sh //same
Note: many windows terminals dont do text coloring or dashboards right with npm run commands.. So if it's an issue (and you didnt double click) you can launch the proper dashboard like:
node ./miner/dashboard.js

Video Demo of the HS1 from Goldshell:

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HandyMiner Team Donation Address (HNS): hs1qwfpd5ukdwdew7tn7vdgtk0luglgckp3klj44f8

HandyMiner Team Donation Address (BTC): bc1qk3rk4kgek0hzpgs8qj4yej9j5fs7kcnjk7kuvt

🔥Bonus News🔥: A CLI isn’t for everyone, and is mostly the interface of choice for major pools and mining farms, we recognize that. We also have the HandyMiner-GUI launching in the coming week(ish) to make using your miner even simpler .